first year out

here’s a very powerful photo essay, narrated by the subject, a guy who spent 16 years in prison (from when he was in high school) after being wrongly convicted of rape and murder (the conviction was overturned 16 years later when dna evidence proved his innocence). he talks about what it’s like to enter the world outside of prison after spending all of his adult life behind bars. powerful testimony, captivating images.

(ht to bob carlton, via email)

4 thoughts on “first year out”

  1. It’s crazy how different Jeffrey, the narrator, sounds when he’s just talking about his life and when he’s at a speaking arrangement. His whole demeanor changes. I hope and pray that Jeffrey can make the adjustment to life on the outside.

  2. Wow.
    I know a lot of guys who’ve done time who are now tight with Christ. They all commented on the same thing: the powerful presence of Islam in the prison system. I wonder what Jeffrey’s religious convictions were before he was wrongly confused.

  3. wow. what a great article to show sr. high students and discuss after. i copied the url in a word doc and saved it in my illustration file.

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