flippin’ church

so, apparently, there is a real town in arkansas called flippin. evidence:

flippin city.jpg

which, of course, had to result in this real church sign…

flippin church.jpg

i mean, i can understand people getting frustrated with their church occasionally and all. but…

(ht to kipp smith, via email)

wait. i was giggling (yes, juvenile), and did some googling.
anyone go to flippin high school, home of the flippin bobcats? i, myself, work with flippin middle schoolers.

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  1. There also really exists a Flippen, Georgia right outside of Atlanta. In this city you will find Flippen United Methodist Church, as we discovered on one of our youth trips this summer. Glad to see you were as amused by this as we were!

  2. I was just in Arkansas and drove through Flippin. It was really flippin pretty in that area…not what I envisioned Arkansas being!

  3. The first pic, is that the main road through flippin? Does anybody else wonder why they have a car parked blocking it?

  4. yeah…i’m an Arkansas native, and work in a youth ministry in Arkansas now, and admit we have some WEIRD named places. i could send you some more if you want. i grew up not too far from Flippin, and even closer to another weird one or two.

  5. like Alan, i grew up near flippen. we used to play them in basketball. i never thought the name was funny until i drove through it with some friends from college. we also found the nearby lake of “bull shoals” to be an appropriate lake near flippen.

  6. one of my personal favorites, which i drive through every time i go home to visit my parents and other family still in NE Arkansas, is “Weiner,” but there are PLENTY of others…Possum Grape, Plummerville, Deer (whose mascot is the Antlers, seriously), Goobertown (i’m not making this up), etc.



    FLIPPIN MCDONALDS….flippin super walmart. i love it.

  8. i live in flippin.i attended flippin school.it’s a nice place to live.the town was named after one of the familys who still live here.what i also find funny is the name of our city park,hickey park.

  9. I graduated from Flippin High School, was Flippin Senior Class Favorite, and Prom King. Flippin is a nice town =]

  10. Now, that’s the church for me! The Flippin Church of God. Love it. Please contact me with all of your Flippin newsletters, Flippin flyers, and Flippin theological commentaries. The problem with most churches today, is that so few of them are Flippin Churches.

  11. I am the youth pastor at the Flippin Church of God. I laugh every time someone comes by and takes a photo of our sign, because our church is becoming known all over the world. THANK YOU for the free advertisement! We appreciate it. of course we can go without the negative comments, but at least people see our sign.

  12. We live in Flippin also and I never thought anything about it when I was growing up in Yellville…down the road about 5 miles. My husband and children have recently moved back to the area and started a mission church in Flippin. It is called Real Life Church. We love Flippin.It is so funny to see peoples reactions when they ask where the church is or about it and we get to tell them in Flippin, AR.

  13. I also live in flippin its a nice town with nice people. I found it funny when we went to a east lab conference for school there were people from all over the world there and when they came up to our boot every one was laughing at our sign it read “Flippin High School” everyone who walked past had to have a pic. we even had a group for japan and one from new york fighting over who got our last cardboard sign. it came to almost a knock down drag out fight lol.

  14. My wife posted earlier and I just wanted to say flippin Rocks. My youngest daughter laughs if the Flippin Police drive by. In Fact that is what we went with for our church (Real Life Church) Website…www.flippinchurch.com. check us out if your ever in the Flippin Area

  15. I live in flippin and went to flippin highschool was part of the flippin bobcat band haha were ever we went we got all kinds of laughs and people fighting over who got our flippin high school sign haha.

  16. I went through Flippin while on vacation had my picture taken by the city sign the police departments car and took a picture of the high school sign

  17. I just recently met someone from Flippin…she has on her Facebook that her hometown is Flippin, Arkansas…I had to look it up to actually believe that this exists. I seriously laughed too hard reading all these posts.

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