football highlight and lowlight

saturday: university of michigan looking fantastic in their clobbering of notre dame.

sunday: saw ‘gridiron gang’ in grand rapids, and it totally sucked. sorry, rock, don’t hurt me.

5 thoughts on “football highlight and lowlight”

  1. I have to say the football highlight of the weekend was watching the Louisville Cardinals woop up on the Miami Hurricanes! In our neck of the woods, that’s HUGE! (and awesome!)

  2. I saw Grid Iron Gang last night and tried really hard to like it. What killed it for me was how hard they tried to make it a tear-jerker. There must have been 50 over the top, cliche lines. However, at the end…when they were showing the real coach it became obvious that they weren’t too far off. I’m thinking he used a ton of cheezy motivational stuff because those kids needed it in heaps! Looking at it in that light help a little, but not much. Invincible, on the other hand, was a really good football movie.

  3. Dude, my wife is all upset about you review of the movie “gridiron gang”. I think she has a crush on the Rock. If you ever have the urge to see a movie in GR on somebody ele’s wallet, let me knonw, I live 45 minutes from there.

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