footprints, revisited

if you’ve grown up in the church, like i have, you’ve seen the ‘footprints‘ thing (one set of footprints in the sand? “that’s when i was carrying you,” says jesus) enough to hurl. one pass through the gifts section of the christian booksellers convention leaves you plotting ways to bring bodily harm to whatever schmuck wrote that thing. so, this nice little rumination on a revised meaning pleased me to no end.

(ht to think christian)

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  1. Mark – Hey. Just wanted to tip you off to a book since I know you read a bit… Body Piercing Saved My Life is about Christian rock from the perspective of a non-Christian. You probably already know about it and I’m just behind on things. Plus, he talks about Crowder in the thing. Anyway, it’s an interesting read. Anyone else who works with youth and is in anyway connected with this type of music should check into this book just to see what’s the impression we are giving off. Anyway, just an FYI for you or anyone reading this.

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