for everything else…

baseball.jpgtickets: $17.50 each

parking: $10

two slices of pizza, a diet coke, and an anchor steam: $23

snacks to come (cotton candy was promised): unknown

an evening at a padres game with my boy, after being out of the country for ten days: priceless.

7 thoughts on “for everything else…”

  1. I see that big, huge, hunk-o-pizza that your boy has and man does it look good! So, I gotta ask…how’s your eating habits? You’ve said in recent posts that you’ve been trying to live slightly healthier…I was just curoius if that was still the case. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to critique you or anything. I’m just simply curoius because I’m under a battle of the bulge also.

    My local newspaper has a weight competition going on called “beat the editor”. The idea is to see who can lose more weight than the editor in a 3 month period. We are two weeks in and I’m currently in sixth place with 11 pounds lost. I try to look at it like I’ve got my entire city as an accountability partner. It’s working so far…I sure hope I don’t blow it.

    Anyway, I was just curious about your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. And hey, if you’ve got any good tips send ’em this way.

  2. yeah, scott — i’m trying to make better choices about food these days. i’m considering a more drastic shift (toward veganism, actually).

  3. Well, good luck with all that. I know I don’t have what it takes to pull of the vegan thing.

  4. Ha! As you know, I was at the Angels game last night with Cole and we paid 21.50 for our ‘meal’. Luckily we had free tickets and free parking.

  5. L & I were talking last night about you – made her read the funny post about Westminster – you ARE A GOOD DAD.

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