FRIDAY NUGGET: Financial Aid instead of Scholarships

probably a bit late in the summer for most of you to consider this idea for this year; but something you might want to store away for next year…

recently, at one of my Youth Ministry Coaching Program meetings, a youth pastor shared something brilliant:

We have had a real problem, for years, with students and families applying for ‘scholarships’ for trips. We kept getting families with plenty of money applying, and regularly had to encourage those without enough financial resources to apply (when they weren’t). We finally discovered it was all about terminology: families (both parents and teenagers) see ‘scholarships’ as something to earn based on merit, not need. So we changed the terminology to ‘financial aid’ (a very clear term paralleling colleges and universities), and found the issue cleared up immediately. The right people–those who needed help–had no problem requesting ‘financial aid,’ and those with more resources didn’t bother.

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