FRIDAY NUGGET: our calling is to be present

Our calling is not about programs. Our calling is about people – particularly, teenagers. And teenagers, being created in the image of God, are wired for belonging. Here me on this: teenagers do not experience belonging because of our wonderful programs; they experience belonging when someone is present to them. Then, they get an appetizer for the belonging they can experience through the presence of Christ. And, ultimately, isn’t that what we long for? Isn’t that what our calling is all about?

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY NUGGET: our calling is to be present”

  1. Love this!! It’s getting it all down to the essence of what we’re about and I know great young people who aren’t currently walking with Jesus and you ask them why and they say, “In middle school I didn’t feel like I belong”. They kept on going to youth for a while but in the end it was the sense of being an outsider that caused them to step out of being part of church.

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