FRIDAY NUGGET: Small Church Youth Ministry

tiny dogsmaller churches have a shorter pathway to excellent youth ministry. the larger you get, the more complex things become, and the greater the temptation to trust in resources, technology, and robust and creative programming to transform lives.

if you’re doing youth ministry in a small(er) church, stop apologizing. and stop envying the resources of larger youth ministries. celebrate the core of great youth ministry: a caring, jesus-y adult spending time with a small-ish group of teenagers.

4 thoughts on “FRIDAY NUGGET: Small Church Youth Ministry”

  1. Yes very good point. Although we wish for the larger churches resources ,I am much happier in relationship with each if my 10 students.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Left a church that I had attended for 25 years, the last 10 on staff, where I had a $10,000 youth budget for a small church where I have started a youth group and have a $300 budget for youth, children, and families. And no supplies from previous years. It is a challenge but I am getting very resourceful and love my small band of youth.

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