FRIDAY NUGGET: the mature youth worker

recently i was chatting with an older national youth ministry leader, and we were reflecting on a youth worker “maturity marker” we have both noticed pertaining we have both noticed, linked to the youth worker’s attitude when the ministry they leave suffers and/or falls apart.

the immature youth worker responds (at least inwardly) with: “success! clearly, they needed me!”

the mature youth worker responds with: “failure! clearly, i made it too much about me!”

(the inverse of both of these statements could be made about a ministry that flourishes when the youth worker moves on, by the way. the immature youth worker is secretly sad about ministry vibrancy after their departure; and the mature youth worker sees this as a major win.)

which are you? how are you positioning your ministry in relationship to yourself?

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY NUGGET: the mature youth worker”

  1. love this. one of the greatest ministries in history – Charles Spurgeon’s was basically a zero one generation after his death. There can’t be success without succession.

  2. I would also add in the factor of the maturity of the church. If the youth ministry falls apart it’s possible the congregation or the leadership is immature by farming out the youth ministry position to one person, with no intent of offering internal structure of support that would help the youth ministry carry on after someone leaves. Many churches think the solution, after someone leaves is, unfortunately, let’s get another youth pastor and start this cycle again without any changes.

    Me? I’m a big proponent of raising up leaders and creating structures that would at least continue until someone new took my place. I can’t think of too many churches I’ve served at that fell apart after I left, which is a good thing, but I attribute this to mature leadership in the church that rallied toward the youth ministry not just toward fining someone new, after my absence.

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