FRIDAY NUGGET: Vibrant Youth Ministry in 4 Steps

if i could re-write and re-release my book, Youth Ministry 3.0, i would cut the current 6th (and final) chapter and replace it with a chapter that focuses on four things. embracing these four things, i’m convinced, is the pathway to a vibrant youth ministry in 2015. of course, there are plenty of other issues and practices we should consider; but these four are the common ground:

  1. Embrace change as normative. Lean into it.
  2. Develop a culture of experimentation.
  3. Cultivate the skill and practice of collaborative discernment.
  4. Contextualize.

(i plan on expanding this in one or more blog posts in the future; but i thought i’d toss it out as a Friday Nugget for now.)

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