fun time!

a while back, my long-time pal, john musick, leader of bluer in minneapolis, had a bit of insomnia. he’d seen the corporate gibberish generator i’d posted. john stayed up way past his bedtime searching the internet for the widest variety of generators. i checked out most of the links he posted, and here are my favorites:

in the cyborg name generator, type your name (or senior pastor’s name!) and get an acronym-ed cyborg name.

marko becomes:

Mechanical Artificial Repair and Killing Organism

then there’s the anagram generator. scrambles all the letters in your name or church name or youth group name or whatever to come up with all possible word combos using the same letters. i found that using more letters (like using my whole name: “mark oestreicher”) creates an almost impossibly long list. but if you pick through, you can find some fun ones. for instance, “mark oestreicher” can become…

if you’re sleepless like john was, and want to look at an absurd quantity of generators, go here.

finally, another friend, steve case, sent along this link to the ship of fools biblical curse generator. a bit lacking in techno-niftiness, but fun, none-the-less.

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