funny pic from argentina

i was given a set of photos from our recent convention in argentina, and this one totally cracked me up. it’s from my main stage talk, and our guatemalan ys director, howard andrujal, is translating for me. it seems to be a moment of confusion.

here’s my best guess: i told an opening story about a time (some of you who were at a ys convention in the states a few years ago heard this story) when i was trying to break dance in front of a group of people to impress them. but i fell really hard on the floor, and knocked a huge fart out of myself, just as the music went totally silent.

i hadn’t briefed howard on this story, so he was caught off guard when i got to the punch line, and said the word “fart”. i was expecting howard to use the spanish word “pedo“, which, though i do not speak much spanish, i know to mean fart. but howard didn’t say “pedo”. he said something else. (i later found out that pedo is a bit more crude and fart is here in the u.s., and he wasn’t comfortable translating it that way in front of 3000 people.) so, i think this photo catches the moment when i paused, wondering why he didn’t translate the word i was expecting.

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