9 thoughts on “getting men to church”

  1. I’m sure he just gave some church planter an excellent idea! Add a keg and a big screen to that and you’ve got the ultimate frat dudes church.

  2. Some emergent church probably has this already in the plans. I knew of a church in Dublin, CA. that was a former strip club. One of the poles was still in place by the front door. I don’t know why but it was a funny conversation piece for us Youth Pastors who met there from time to time.

  3. So what does that say about my psyche if I laugh and say it’s wrong at the same time.

  4. What I find “hilariously” sad is the men commenting (posting), thinking this is “so funny”.

    This cartoon makes me nauseated…

    Why is this any different than finding humor at the expense of people of minority or with disabilities? Isn’t it a well known fact that there are men that go to church to view women as objects?

    This is what makes me want to clothe myself in a burka.

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  6. Jen, in my opinion, your reaction and subsequent blog post and pingback is misplaced. The cartoon (and the comments) is not objectifying women, it’s skewering the notion of doing so in the name of attractional ministry!

  7. Jen I don’t think this is in no way to glorify sexual humor or to glorify any way men/women who use sex in the wrong way. This could be twisted the other way also.

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