i love my job.

pretty much every day i arrive charged and leave amped. occasionally i leave drained, but with that “wow, that was just so cool” kind of being drained.

but yesterday was a field of gnats.

you know how, when you’re walking through a meadow or field, it’s possible to suddenly find yourself in the middle of a swarm of gnats, or, at least, something gnat-like? you swat. they silently fly around your head. they don’t really land on you or hurt you in any particular way. they’re just really annoying. that was yesterday.

-already drained (but in the good way!) from the Sac convention,
-a bit overwhelmed by what has to be done in these three days before we leave for the Pitts convention,
-deciding if or how to respond to the trickle of emails coming in about “how YS is embracing eastern religion” (from an absurd web article a couple weeks ago)
-responding to a few snotty blog comments (that would probably not normally have bugged me, but in my already “low fuel” state, they got to me)
-engaging in a very time-consuming, but important, but draining email dialogue with a friend over a minor disagreement about a major issue that turned into a more major disagreement over a minor issue that hurt her deeply which wasn’t my intention at all which made me want to just crawl into bed, pull up the covers, and watch daytime television
-counseling and encouraging a friend who is walking through a huge challenge with another friend
-responding to some ministry partners who were, to one degree or another, miffed about some stuff at the convention

anyhow, the list went on yesterday, and the gnats circled. i swatted most of them away, one at a time; but it left me gnat-spent. luckily, last night was survivor and apprentice — so i had that goin’ for me.

7 thoughts on “gnat-spent”

  1. Not to near the same extent…but I rleate to the wanting to crawl into bed and watch daytime TV feelings. And yes…Survivor and The Apprentice are greats salved to all of it!

  2. 24 is amazing. Jack Bauer is THE MAN. Seriously.

    I love the Apprentice … not that sissy Martha Stewart one, though, where people don’t fit in and get a goodbye note. I mean, c’mon now, how is that cool?

  3. From Delores Dickinson in Akron Ohio. (A woman well over fourfeet tall and probably had Moses in Sunday School)

    She said. “If Jesus Christ himself couldn’t please everyone, why would you think that you can?”

    Feel free to take that on all levels.

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