god, christmas, and conor oberst

someone just loaned me the new bright eyes (conor oberst) christmas cd. i’m tellin’ ya, god is found on and in these tracks more than on most ‘christian’ christmas cds. it will take your breath away.

5 thoughts on “god, christmas, and conor oberst”

  1. I went and saw Bright Eyes in Santa Cruz about a month ago. It was in interesting experience and people really seemed more in awe of Conor than most concerts I have been to. Sort of guru-like awe.

  2. Love the music, but seriously…how many bands and line-ups has he had? It seems like he’s playing with someone new every time you blink.

    Still great music though.

    Dan, I don’t know you personally, but you just made my list of “people I dislike because they live where there’s a real music scene.”

    All kidding aside, Kansas really sucks for good music!

  3. astrogirll — i was using both poetic and subjective language. what i mean is — i experienced god while listening to this CD; which, i doubt, was the musician’s intent.

  4. hey man, long time reader, first time commenter… anyways, just thought id offer a big amen to this post. bright eyes is gold! although, the christmas cd isnt exactly “new”… its been out for a few years ;)

    have you listened to the “im wide awake, its morning” cd? amazing stuff.

    have you heard any of the sufjan stevens christmas stuff? if you liked the bright eyes christmas music, you should try to find some sufjan stuff christmas music. very lovely. just google it and im sure youll come up with something.

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