golfing with crowder

yeah, i suppose this is kinda name-dropping. but i’m pretty excited to be going golfing with david and toni crowder, and jack (the lead guitar player in dc*b), today. should be a great time — i expect to get my butt kicked. they are serious golfers.

looking forward to the concert tonite at san diego’s house of blues, and hanging with the whole band afterward. can’t wait to hear the new album live.

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  1. they were sensational when i saw ’em last week in austin

    i stood next to ben, a buddy of theirs

    that is my extent of name-dropping


    and the only golfing i do is on my wii

  2. Okay I’ll jump into the fray.

    Will Bowser a kid from Young Life in Midland, MI he is brothers with Barton Bowser who is good friens with David Crowder. It just so happens that Barton is now a golf pro at a local golf course.

    Anybody up for 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon?

  3. Well, I know a guy, Stuart, who works with Student Life as a camp director. He claims that David Crowder was his small group leader in high school. So, there’s my degrees of Crowder…

  4. My friend’s name is Kevin, and I like bacon…

    Oh, and I like David Crowder too. Marko, you shouldn’t tease us with how cool you are because you get to hang out with him. I’ll pray for your repentance. :)

  5. Hey Marko, Since Crowder is collecting towels and socks for local homeless shelters at his concerts, Will they be doing this at the San Diego conference. Should I bring some there? If so will this info go out on the ys website??

  6. I took Jack to play golf once. And Solley. And Shane Everett. When they played a concert in my town.

    I always want to tell people this but try to resist. Since you started it, I’m at least posting it here anonymously.

  7. I went to school with one of the girls from Superchic[k] and my OT prof. was Michael W. Smith’s youth pastor when he accepted Christ.

  8. Are you going to sell any “Crowder debris” (tees, stolen golf balls out of his bag, discarded napkins) on ebay? Crowder Schmoyder! Time for the man question; Did you win or at least avoid being last?

  9. When I was 17 I told Jewel that I worked in the same OB-GYN office that she visited–awkward…

    Oh, and I was once in a small group with Mark Oestreicher, who is apparently dc*b’s #1 fan.

    I also have a quarter with George Washington’s face on it.

  10. oh yeah, well one time…I played guitar with Solley in a little town outside Waco, then me and Stephen Baldwin did a thing in Dallas where….

    Oh, who am i trying to impress…I’ll never be Marko.

    (But, seriously, Stephen and I were eating at the Cheesecake factory with a DJ friend of mine, when…)

  11. My doctor was the doctor who spent three days on the witness stand in the OJ Simpson case …

    And at NYWC two years ago, David Crowder used the urinal next to mine. It was awesome and awkward all at the same time. I’ve been talking about it ever since.

    Do I win?

  12. My son is in Marko’s 8th grade small group. And I’ve been to his house. OH, and my best friend’s brother is a reporter on the local CBS station.

  13. I bobbed my head and hummed along to DC*B’s new album while driving by a mini golf course but I’ve never been to Waco and do not know David Crowder or the band.

  14. Trevor asked if YS would be collecting towels and socks since DC*B had been doing that at their concerts. Actually, this year at all 3 of our conventions we’ll be doing something called “Youth Workers Give Back”. In each city, we’ve partnered with local agencies to give back to the community. We’re collecting blankets in all 3 cities in addition to a few other items. Check out all the details at

    Have questions [about the give back–not the golf game :)]? Call our Customer Service team–888.346.4179

  15. my sr. pastor took Dave to Wal MArt in Pennsylvania at 2 AM like 8 years ago while Dave was a retreat at a camp in PA

    thats my 2 cents

  16. I spilled my lunch on Crowder when at my first CIY back in 1999. I was only a little embarrassed until he got up on stage and I realized who he was.

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