good readin’ at the riddle blog

my friend mark riddle is posting a series on re-thinking youth ministry, gleaning from the discussions and guest speakers for the etrek course he just finished hosting on youth ministry. three parts so far — more to come. good reading for all youth workers, and emerging church peeps.

part 1
part 2
part 3

you’ll have to return to his blog for the further installments.

One thought on “good readin’ at the riddle blog”

  1. I think there is much wisdom in these three entries, and I’m enjoying them very much.

    But I think Mark’s good thoughts only beg larger questions. For example, he says: “The role of youth pastor must first be understood as pastor.” No argument there, but one question: What is the role of a pastor?

    In the mega-church, home to many (most?) youth pastors, the role of pastor is defined in many ways. Senior Pastors are supposed to be CEOs, with large salaries, large egos, and large appetites. Associate pastors are supposed to be middle managers, very good with logistics and organization. And a few pastors, in “pastoral care”, are supposed to be good with counseling and caring.

    To put in another way, in the mega-church, I think “pastor” has no real meaning apart from “works for this particular 501(c)3.

    I hope the emerging conversation engages the question of “What is a pastor?” So far, it doesn’t seem to me that it has.

    My own suspicion is that being a pastor means being engaged in discerning what God is doing in His world, and then supporting that, in word, deed, and resources.

    Actually, I think that’s what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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