goodbye chicago, hello sydney

we had a wonderful day in chicago yesterday. dang, this is just such a great city. of course, it doesn’t hurt that the weather has been stunningly gorgeous — low 80s and sunny. nice and cool in the evening.

yesterday, after nudging the kids out of bed around 9:30, we went to a “corner bakery” for breakfast, just in time for their 11am cut-off. then we drove down to the field museum of natural history (a true chicago gem, if there ever was one). spent a good chunk of the day there. saw the special exhibit on fantasy creatures (mermaids, sea monsters, dragons, unicorns, etc). really interesting exhibit. told the story of each of these, how they came to be, and their impact on culture.

after leaving the field about 4, we stopped at buckingham fountain in grant park for a few minutes, then headed up to navy pier. we ate an early dinner at charlie’s ale house. then, we rode the ferris wheel (great views!), and the kids did the swinging chairs (barf!). after that, liesl went shopping on her own, while jeannie, max and i went on an architectural river cruise. this was a real highlight — very interesting, and relaxing also. i super-highly recommend this to anyone visiting chicago. takes about an hour.

after reuniting with liesl, we all went miniature golfing (still on navy pier). then we drove up to the miracle mile area (lucking out, and finding a spot on the street), and went up to the top of the john hancock building for drinks and desert (a little tip: they charge you ten bucks to go to the observatory level; but the bar — called lounge 95 or something — is two levels higher, and free to go to, and the drinks cost about the same as the observatory ride. but you get a drink, and a table.).

back to the hotel for reading. a wonderful day. this morning, we’re going to try to take in a quick stop at the art museum.

then, jeannie and the kids take me to o’hare, where i fly to sydney (via san francisco and aukland) for world youth day. jeannie and the kids join my parents at a cabin on the michigan side of lake michigan for a couple more days.

5 thoughts on “goodbye chicago, hello sydney”

  1. Hey Marko (or anyone in MI), do you know of any good places, like cottages for rent or anything like that by the lake? I’d like to do that with a few friends for a weekend or maybe a week.

    On topic: (kind of) funny thing. I’ve never really been to chicago. Just to and from the airport, which is sad since I live only about 3 hours away. I need to get out more!

  2. Sounds like a great time in Chicago!

    I went to Chicago last summer with my parents and sister and we had a blast, too. We didn’t get to the Field Museum, but we went to the Art Institute and it was incredible.

    We also went on an architecture river cruise (with some time on the lake), but it was through Wendella, not Shoreline. Otherwise, it sounds like we hit all of the same tourist spots.

    If you didn’t already get there and have an opportunity to do so before you leave, check out Crown Fountain at Millenium Park. It’s only a block or two north of the Art Institute.

  3. ok, i’m really confused by that last comment, because i didn’t write it. was i logged on at someone’s computer, then my info auto-filled at a later date? who wrote that, really?

  4. i would love to hear more about the special exhibit on fantasy creatures…

    though everything you did sounds fun and exciting. (of course i am still bedridden so being able to stand up is a thrill beyond words)

    thanks for being you.

    love to all the O’s.

  5. I was actually going to suggest going to the Signature Room on the 95th, but I figured that with your family it would be a little too upscale for kids! I love that restaurant!

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