great children’s song

saw this really fun and silly children’s song, and thought about how much my kids would have loved it when they were younger:

my kids’ absolute favorite CD, when they were younger (and i loved it also), was They Might Be Giants’ “No!“, a collection of absurdly silly songs. once, my kids and i even performed the oddest-of-the-odd song, Violins, in a talent competition at a camp.

and, somehow, this morphed into me making up a handful of silly songs of our own. my kids wanted to sing them over and over again.

– a favorite was “liesl is such a pretty girl” (a silly song that evolved differently every time it was sung).

– they loved “the lady in the pointy hat”, which we composed on the way to school one day when we saw a lady out walking with one of those round pointy straw hats workers in rice fields wear. but jeannie decided it was racist, and forbade us from singing it.

– max’s favorite was the slightly raunchy ballad “poo stew” (three whole verses!), which, when sang to guests in our home, got stuck in their heads despite their best attempts to prevent it from happening (ask jay howver, ys’ publisher).

– then there was the short creationism anatomy lesson, “god made the butt with two halves” (lyrics: god made the butt with two halves. it’s a whole thing but it has two halves. with a line down the middle, and a pillow on each side; god made the butt with two halves.)

– and finally, a little ditty the kids wrote, “i love myself” (lyrics: i love my mommy — doot, doot. i love my daddy — doot, doot. i love my brother [or sister] — doot, doot. but most of all i love myself — doot, doot — i love myself — doot, doot.)

combined with edelweiss, which i sang to liesl at bedtime every night from the day she was born until about 5 years old, i need to make a little “oestreicher family favorites” cd someday.

4 thoughts on “great children’s song”

  1. nice.
    mikayla and I are up early this morning so she watched it with me.
    She liked it. and wanted to watch it again.

    the song max likes reminds me of a little song my boys sing with me named “Please don’t squeeze the diarrhea puppy”

  2. Hi Marko. Loved this song; sure my little girl will love it too. Here’s a fantastic clip to amuse you from the first of Simon Cowell’s latest series ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ which aired here in the UK last night. Is there a more talented dog anywhere?

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