great moments in youth ministry

oh, man, haven’t we all done something like this? i mean, i’ve never actually crashed a motorcycle in the church sanctuary trying to do a wheelie during a youth event. but, well, i’ve done plenty of other things in the same lovely ballpark.

absolute best part of the video clip is the guy’s response at the end. kudos, man.

(ht to scott miller, via email)

4 thoughts on “great moments in youth ministry”

  1. I pulled a sportbike in and revved the engine (trying to illustrate the power of God or something), but ended up nearly poisoning every student in the room with carbon monoxide…

  2. One of our volunteer staff rode his bike into the chapel and up the stage steps as the intro to sharing his testimony with the kids. His only mishap was that he was standing as he rode through the doors and hit his head on the top of the door frame. Fortunately, he had a helmet on. It was pretty cool.

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