guatemala pics, 1 of 2

some pics from our trip. this batch is a small selection from our wandering around antigua, guatemala…

here’s a street in antigua – the whole town has cobblestone streets like this:

antigua, arch.JPG

dozens of old churches in antigua, but most of them are ruins. they had two major earthquakes in the 1700s; everything was rebuilt after the first one, but after the second one, the capitol of “new spain” was moved from antigua to mexico city, and many of the churches were never rebuilt. this is one of the ones that was rebuilt, and it has a beautiful facade that looked like frosting.

antigua, church.jpg

most of my pics of me and jeannie have me leaning in like this, because i’m holding the camera out with one arm! all of our lunches were eaten in courtyard restaurants. fun thing about this lunch was that max and i had lunch at this exact same table a year ago.

antigua, lunch.jpg

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  1. I was in Antigua back in March…was on a mission trip with several of our college students. Got to witness the Semana Santa, pretty wild stuff…part of their Holy Week ceremonies. Anyhow, that first pic of you and Jeannie brought back a few memories.

  2. mmmm. it was fresh and yummy. jeannie wasn’t feeling great, so had a pot of tea and a fruit plate. i had a potato leek soup, and a sandwich that was a variety of cheeses, tomato, lettuce, and a huge pile of fresh guacamole, on homemade bread.

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