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yesterday i posted a few pics of antigua, guatemala, from my wonderful trip there with jeannie last week. today, a few pics of our wonderful hotel: casa santo domingo. and, here’s how it went down. rich van pelt, from compassion, international, had taken me, max, and marv penner to this hotel for dinner a year ago. i was blown away by how gorgeous the hotel is, and knew i wanted to bring jeannie there some day. built on the ruins of a 17th century spanish monastery, it’s all lush courtyards, historic museum pieces, and peacefulness. there are 6 museums within the hotel grounds, including an amazingly restored spanish colonial church. and the hotel itself is considered a museum, with antique statuary and art all over the place. they even change out the original art in the room on a regular basis. there are so few places on earth that are this peaceful and tranquil.

so, staying at this 5-star place would normally have been a stretch for us. but our hosts for the little speaking gig i did on the front end had some connections with one of the owners, and was able to get us a 2 room suite for $140/night! then, in the end, our host decided to bless us by picking up the entire bill, including the two fabulous dinners we’d had at the hotel’s restaurant.


here’s a look at our sitting room. we spent most of our mornings and late nights lounging around this room, reading. the window opened onto a small courtyard with total privacy.

antigua, room.JPG

throughout the courtyards of the hotel, there were these giant macaws, just hanging out all day long (they took them away at night). stunning birds.

antigua, macaws.jpg

a typical “hallway” in the hotel. everywhere we walked had classical or ancient religious music playing softly through hidden speakers, hanging flowers, large stone bowls filled with clear water and floating flower petals.

antigua, hotel.jpg

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  1. wow…that’s funny. i was in guatemala just a few weeks ago visiting my dad who’s on sabbatical in Guatemala & we went to this hotel & walked through it & went to some of the museums and the whole time i was thinking about how amazing it was. glad you got the chance to stay there!

  2. Marko,

    I love Casa Santa Domingo. We take our volunteer staff there for dinner on the last day of our Operation Central America mission trip every year. It’s a great way to thank them for the hard work that they have done over the past several months. This is my absolute favorite hotel in the world. Glad you got to spend some time there. Everybody should spend at least one night there.

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