ha! i didn’t have to breakdance

well, shock of all shocks, the 4000 fine participants of the cincinnati national youth workers convention didn’t make me do “the strobe” (my signature breakdance move from 20 years ago). in austin, the crowd totally surprised me in the middle of my story by demanding (by relentless cheering) that i exhibit my total lack of skills. i was a bit more ready in anaheim, and they coerced me again, with the added surprise of a fat beat thrown in by our media peeps.

so this morning, i was assuming it was a done deal. but no one called for it. and i sure wasn’t going to say, “oh, you have to see me do this!” it was the strangest thing, and i was completely disoriented for about a minute, as i continued with the story, wondering if tic was going to come on stage and demand i do it, or someone at the sound board would just play the stupid music overtop of my speaking, or something.

believe me, i’m rather happy to have had such a nicely docile audience at that moment.

10 thoughts on “ha! i didn’t have to breakdance”

  1. Well, I must have just not said it loud enough. But we were in the 6th row and I was saying “Do it!” I was pretty suprised that the tech team didn’t just drop that fat beat. You lucked out!

    By the way, the intro by your kids was classic.

  2. just save the breakdance moves for the time the speaker doesn’t show up on time at all and you have to stall while Duffy settles on a scripture and theme to use… =)

    and by the way Marko, thanks for your “Making Change…” seminar. It was one of the best seminars I’ve been to in 4 different NYWC’s. Great theory and practical application both. And your honesty about your own experiences and journey added a lot too.

    Now if I could just somehow erase the memory of the belly dancers…

  3. I was honestly waiting for the music to start. And when it didn’t and you had moved on to the next point, a little part of my heart died inside.

    Kind of like the story about that clown who makes everyone laugh on the outside, but on the inside he’s really sad. Also he has severe diarrhea.

  4. Man, I was so stuck on the fart and thinking about our “fart obsessed” youth ministry (adults and teens included) that I didn’t even think of the sheer joy we were missing out on by not seeing your supa fly moves! Doh!

  5. A guy in the back totally yelled “DO IT!”, and I chimed in, but alas, we just weren’t loud enough… I was sorely disappointed. :)

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