hallelujah nuns

have you seen this? it’s been making the rounds for a while. great stuff. actually a mens choir called the turtle creek chorale (i think i read it’s a gay men’s choir).

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  1. I went to their website – http://www.turtlecreek.org (go figure). In their FAQ’s, you will find this question and answer.

    Q. Is the Turtle Creek Chorale a gay organization?

    A. The Turtle Creek Chorale is an arts organization. A majority of the
    members and staff of the organization are gay, but membership is open to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, ability, age, or sexual orientation.

    I also noticed this, from their member memorial page

    We dedicate this page to those members of the Turtle Creek Chorale family who have gone before us and now are the angels singing with us.

    We hope to tell the story of men that were REAL. They are not just statistics. They lived, breathed and shared their lives with all those in the chorale. We wanted to tell stories that helped illustrate this. Hopefully someone reads these stories and cares. Someone can share them with others so that these men can live again, if only for a moment in our minds.

    ” … Eternal God, we bless you for the great company of all those who have kept the faith, finished their race, and who now rest from their labor.

    We praise you for those dear to us whom we name in our hearts before you…

    Especially we thank you for our Brothers, whom you have now received into your presence.

    Help us to believe where we have not seen, trusting you to lead us through our years. Bring us at last with all your saints into the joy of your home, through Jesus Christ our Lord. …”

    – Rodger Wilson

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