happy 10th birthday, max

today max moves into double-digits. big man. favorite son. awesome kid. fun and smart and silly and gentle and loving and giving and the best hugger around. seriously, the kid is the bomb (can i still say that?).


9 thoughts on “happy 10th birthday, max”

  1. HURRAH!!! the baum family thinks max is the bomb, too!
    do you think arranged marriage is still okay?

  2. Marko, yes, you can still say that.

    I remember when my oldest turned 10 this year. What a significant time. Tell Max to enjoy it, because the next digit doesn’t come for another 90 years.

  3. Marko — Pass along a big happy birthday to Max from all of us!

    Regarding your use of the phrase, “the bomb,” I would say that, as a dad, you’ve earned the right to resurrect any and every slangy word you’ve ever used :)

  4. Happy Birthday Max! Sorry your dad is stuck here in snowing, icy, Alaska. I mean .. Vancouver. He and the YS team are doing an awesome job! Have a great day kiddo!

    From Ryan and Tyler.

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