happy thanksgiving

for those who don’t live in the states, we have a holiday tomorrow called thanksgiving. next to christmas, it’s the holiday with the most ‘hang out with family’ connotations.

i’ll be back to blog-land friday, but am staying home from work today to prepare for a houseful tomorrow. my cousin and his wife and their roomate arrive from phoenix tonite (and stay ’til friday morning), and another cousin is coming down from l.a. tonite and staying ’til late tomorrow night. then, tomorrow, we have two more families (one a family of 3, the other a family of 5) joining us. oh, and another married couple also. so, altogether, we’ll have 18 people for a big ol’ turkey dinner. the full menu is:
corn casserole
sweet potato casserole
homemade cranberry chutney
green beans
mashed potatos
3 pies
5 appetizers
and, likely, a few other things i’m forgetting.

right now, liesl is making a homemade pumpkin pie (actually scooped out the pumpkin and is cooking it!), and max is making homemade bananna bread (with a bit of help from mom).

whether you’re celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow or not, i hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Marko.

    I am thankful for you, YS and all that YS has done for me and my ministry! Thank you!

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