has the “adolescent construct” outlived its usefullness?

professor darwin glassford posted a provocative question on the youth ministry 3.0 facebook group:

I just finished reading YM 3.0, overall I found it a delightful experience. After reflecting on it, I am left with nagging sense that no matter how well we understand the life issues and culture we will still be frustrated. In education speak one of the primary questions is, “What is your understanding of the learner?” I wonder what would happen if we abandoned the social construct of adolescence in our churches and ministries and saw young people as young adults who are to be mentored into adult roles and responsibilities? I believe that this would be truly counter-cultural. It would also speak to the desire for relationship between young people and adults. It would challenge adults to foster responsible relationships with young people. For our desire is that young people become mature Christ followers and take on appropriate responsibilities in the church.

there’s great discussion going on. check it out and add your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “has the “adolescent construct” outlived its usefullness?”

  1. “Do Hard Things”- Harris & Harris!! My middle school student ministry team and my adult leaders are reading it together. It is changing our ministry

  2. I agree “Do Hard Things”, but we can’t neglect the reality that developmentally (emotional, psychological, whatever…) that they aren’t all the way adults, yet. So, it requires us and the other adults in their lives to continue to be hands on during this time, to mentor them thru stuff they where they just aren’t ‘there’ yet.

  3. I don’t agree with everything on your blog, marko, but this idea you can take to the bank! I think it is time to abandon the traditional notion of adolescence and go BACK to the “old” idea that teenagers are really more like adults-in-training/

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