have pity on me if you will. or laugh at me.

a friend just emailed and asked where i’d be traveling to in the next few months. i knew this was going to be a crazy few months, but i just looked at my calendar and made a list of the places i’ll be between now and mid-may. oof.

Grand Rapids (three times)
St. Louis
Medford, Oregon
Bath, NY
New Zealand (2 ½ weeks, but fam is with me)
Anderson, IN
Newark, NJ
Buffalo, NY
Forest Falls, CA
Lake Lanier, GA

oof. luckily, my summer is gorgeously and spectacularly breezy and light. lightest summer i’ve had since high school, i think.

17 thoughts on “have pity on me if you will. or laugh at me.”

  1. Marko, that itiinerary makes my head spin! Didn’t you say you weren’t going to be accepting any more travelling speaking
    engagements? Yikes, don’t tell me that these are ALL YS related?

    I dunno . . . my commiseration is truly with Jeannie for the heavy load she bears in your absence.

    Blessings on y’all!!

  2. Marko, if you need any help with the speaking overload, let me know. I have no idea when the Honolulu or Kauai trips are, but I’m pretty certain I could fit them into my schedule! :-)

  3. Marko, I bet that Jeannie is eager for May 1st’s sabattical! In the meantime, hang in there. At least you get gobs of frequent flyer miles!

  4. markO, what are you doing in hawaii [honolulu & kauai]?
    i started in ministry there, and there really aren’t THAT many churches… who are you working with and what are you up to with them?

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