here comes the sun


while i live in san diego, and it’s been 70 or 80 and sunny most days for the last week, there’s still nothing like getting away to a warmer beach climate. today, my family and i drive to a part of mexico we’ve never been to for a week long vacation. we have a timeshare condo that we usually use for exchanges, and this time around we got a beautiful (we hope — it looks like it!) place on the sea of cortez, the finger of ocean that comes up between baja california (mexico) and the rest of mexico. it’s a mayan palace resort, just outside of the town of puerto penasco. we have a 2-bedroom condo facing the ocean. nothing but swimming pools, beach time, books, games, and lounging around. we might rent quads on the beach one day, or some wave runners. but mostly we’ll chill. it’s about a 6 hour drive, we think — only about 45 minutes south of the border, but below the western edge of arizona.

i don’t expect to be online, but i have one post (not my normal two — i just didn’t have enough time to get that many ready) set to go each morning. i doubt i’ll respond to comments, though.

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  1. sounds like fun. i woke up to two inches of snow and 20 degree weather. although it’s one of the nicer days in the past few months up here in Minnesota.

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