hi-tech camping entertainment

last night we did the coolest thing. we hung a big white sheet over a rope, on the other side of the firepit from our chairs. then we connected a converter to one of the car batteries, and plugged in a video projector, speakers, and an xbox.

we invited the neighbors over, and the ten of us watched Elf on the bigscreen. and after the kids went to bed, john and i played a little Halo 2.

i love camping like this.

8 thoughts on “hi-tech camping entertainment”

  1. That was funny! It is great to get out in nature…back to basics…out enjoying the purity of God’s creation with YOUR XBOX, Elf movie and video projector! What next?

  2. a) that is not camping
    b) you are a freak
    c) how many sticks a day are you smoking out there?

  3. It’s totally camping and roughing it … didn’t you read it? He had to use a sheet on a clothesline! He was outside. He probably even got a mosquito bite.

  4. that’s almost as bad as us watching the food channel and all the bond movies on spike tv while at the lake, due to the fact that we don’t have cable at home! glad you aren’t feeling deprived while in the wilderness! : )

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