highlights of speaking in mississippi

last weekend i spoke to 1300 teenagers in tupelo, mississippi, for a d-now (disciple now) co-hosted by 18 churches. here’s a nice little highlight video created by the church where the event was held:

and, as a bonus, the local news came out and did a story on the event (you can tell it’s the bible belt — we wouldn’t get this sort of coverage for a christian youth event here in san diego!), which they ran on their monday news:

3 thoughts on “highlights of speaking in mississippi”

  1. What? They interviewed you and put your voice on, what happened to that awesome beard? Probably too “Californian” for the Bible Belt.

  2. right? they interviewed me on camera for 10 minutes. actually asked really good questions. and not a single shot from that. clearly, beardy was judged as too overwhelmingly manly, which would have shamed the entire state of mississippi.

  3. As a Mississippian/reader of your blog, glad you enjoyed yourself here. Like most Californians, you may have been surprised that we wore shoes and had indoor plumbing.

    And the media coverage of a Christian event happens pretty regularly, but continue to pray for the youth of this state – Moral diesm is alive and well.

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