hippo birdies two meece

42 years ago today, i came kicking and screaming into the world. the first decade and a half were reasonably normal (great family, great church, all that). but it’s been a wild ride since then, including a path to ys that involved four churches, a painful resignation and a more painful firing, a few successes and countless failures. i honestly feel like i’m not quite hitting my stride, but i can see it from here. it’s truly baffling to me that god has me in this place — there are so many who could do a better job than me. but i am more confident than ever that god does have me here, which gives me the confidence to lean into it and enjoy the ride.

i’m writing from a beach house in oceanside, california (45 minutes north of san diego), where the ys management team is working through a dozen strategic questions about our future. and it’s good. ooh, it’s good.

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  1. Happy B-Day. Tell us the story about the time you got fired and about the time you resigned. I might have read this before in one of your ariticles, but if you have time would you induldge us, please Grandpa…just one more war story!

  2. happy birthday marko… i love being 42, although i will be 43 by the end of the summer…42 has been a very good year! hope the same for you! enjoy the R & R–you need it!

  3. You are going into 42 quite well my friend, Happy Birthday! I am praying for your meetings. Blessings on YouthSpecialties. Peace.

  4. hey you! happy birthday! sorry i missed it tuesday! keep celebrating as long as you can! it was great to be with you and jeannie in nashville and i am really looking forward to the fall!

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