hmm. cancun or wallmart for spring break?

interesting story about a college kid who spent three days living in wallmart as an experiment. weird that the article never once mentions the movie ‘where the heart is’, which, if i remember correctly, was the same thing.

5 thoughts on “hmm. cancun or wallmart for spring break?”

  1. Hey man- I think the movie you are thinking of is “Where the Heart IS” starring Natalie Portman. And, it has a..uhm “interesting” prayer scene.

  2. I hate to do this, but it’s not wallmart, the world’s largest retailer and our nations largest private employer is Wal*Mart.

    As far as living in one… I’ve often wondered just how long one could be in a 24 hour Wal*Mart or Meijers before they got kicked out. What do you think, 2 days?

  3. funny, adam — as i was typing that, i sensed i didn’t have it correct, and hovered over that for a second. but i was too lazy to look it up!

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