home sick today

i haven’t been stopped by sickness in a long time. but i sure am today. sharp stomach pain, wicked back pain, fever. absolutely slept like crap last night.

our exec team were to have a day away today for some visioning stuff, and i was leading it. and two of our team members flew in just for this. but there’s just no way.

i’m really bummed. and i’m hoping i’m better before friday, as i’m supposed to fly to dallas to speak at another JH believe (and my son max is coming with me).

being sick just sucks. i’m home a second day. had to miss a key day with our exec team yesterday, bail on my 7th grade guys small group last night, cancel an appt i’d worked months to set up for today, and cancel a special date with my daughter for tonite (for which i’d bought theater tickets). i don’t have space for sick.

i’m supposed to fly to dallas tomorrow morning and speak five times tomorrow and saturday, then fly home saturday night. we’ll see…

8 thoughts on “home sick today”

  1. Mark, it sounds like your body is saying “Stop. Just stop.” You work hard, and you play hard too. How can you bring temperance to your life so that your body doesn’t just crash? (as you get older the crash potential increases…I know about it!) I bet you have some ideas already.

    God bless you. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. ummm stay in bed. Your life is busy and sickness derails. But, sounds like you have really been going lately. Maybe time to take a break. oh wait you are in your busiest season right now. I’m going to be praying for you today and this weekend.

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