home sweet home

flew home from the emergent convention today (still waiting for my luggage!), and reconnected with my kids. my wife, jeannie, was with me in nashville, so we had good family time this afternoon. in fact, i just got out of the pool. recalibrating…

mark dowds is here also, as he’s leading our ys exec team on a retreat this week. always love hanging with him.

thanks to all who attended the nashville event, and to all who gave of themselves to be a part of it — too many to name now, since it’s time to go get my kids in bed! what rich friendships we are blessed with, what meaningful conversations, what brilliant questions and possible path suggestions. in the words of ben harper: i am blessed, i am blessed, i am blessed to be a witness.

2 thoughts on “home sweet home”

  1. You are also blessed to be courageous, funny, amazing, and generous. Just like Jesus.

    Oh, yeah. Make sure you have “coverage” underneath that manskirt. This is the USA for heaven’s sake. :)

    Kiss Jeannie for me.

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