how ’bout some randomness on tuesday this week

i took monday off work to celebrate father’s day with my family, since sunday was a bit of a wash. we had a great day. went to lunch at one of my favorite spots in san diego: the prado, in balboa park. then we wandered through the san diego historical museum, and saw an imax movie (on mummies) at the science center. in the evening, the kids took me to a&w/kfc, where it was free rootbeer float day, then to see kung fu panda, which was a total riot.

sunday night, i went to see the church basement roadshow (i’ll post about this separately), involving my friends tony jones, doug pagitt and mark scandrette. those three and their two tour dudes then stayed at my house sunday and monday nights, with their rv parked on my street (actually, three of them stayed in my house, and two slept in the rv). great to get caught up, hang together in my hot tub, and give them a chance to unwind, do laundry, and chill by the pool.

i have to head back to grand rapids tomorrow for my third trip there in 4 or 5 weeks, which is way more often than i normally go. but the brand new president and ceo of harper collins (my parent company’s parent company) is going to be at z, and meeting with the leadership team, of which i am a part. should be interesting! the past ceo of harper wasn’t a big fan of ys, so i’m hoping our new reality will be a bit different!

liesl graduated from middle school this past weekend (while i was in michigan, officiating at the wedding of my cousin). for a grad gift, jeannie and i gave her my limited edition, american standard fender stratocastor (in burgandy mist) (though, now that it’s liesl’s, i’m comfortable calling it pink). it’s been a great axe for me for a number of years, but i don’t use it anymore, and liesl is learning to play the guitar (on a baby taylor right now). she was about as excited as i have seen her in a very long time. pretty cool. for liesl’s grad party, we had her class to our house. the kids we all able to submit songs for a play list, and i spent 5 hours last week looking at lyrics and approving (and disapproving) the songs.

have to write my youthwork mag column today, and a rough outline for the open-source seminar i’m doing at the nywc this fall.

i haven’t been able to generate my regular constant flow of 2 or 3 blog posts recently. some kind of combo of too busy and not enough going on in my head, i guess. i’ve also noticed that summer has hit, and my stats are down, as they tend to do every june – august.

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  1. now that it belongs to your daughter, i think it’s pretty cool that she is the owner of a nicely-hued burgandy mist fender strat. good stuff.

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