how fast can you name all 50 states?

be fair, now. only report your “first attempt” score. of course, you could improve your score by doing it over and over again. i got seriously hung up trying to remember delaware, and how to spell MA (which i’m not spelling out here, in case you have the same problem!

(ht to josh treece)

43 thoughts on “how fast can you name all 50 states?”

  1. 2m 24s. I definitely could not remember how to spell Massachusetts (two Ts). But luckily in fifth grade, I memorized all fifty states in alphabetical order. That helped.

  2. 4 minutes 48 seconds with the help of my wife. Had she not helped me, I think I would still be trying to figure out CT (misspelled it about 3 times).

  3. 2m 1s! I guess it helps that I grew up in Connecticut and was familiar with how to spell Massachusetts because we went there quite a bit.

  4. Those of us who grew up singing the “Fifty-Nifty” song, have an edge obviously.

    My time on my first attempt was 2 min, 36 sec. I probably lost 30-40 seconds due to not having a clue how to spell a few of the states.

  5. 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Massachusetts did me in as well plus my stupid computer did a anti-virus update in the middle and I had to stop and deal with that! Aaargh.

  6. Yay for the Fifty Nifty song! I will remember all the states for the rest of my life.
    I got 3m 15 s.

  7. New Hampshire kicked me right in the butt…for the life of me I couldn’t remember it.

  8. In elementary school, we had a song. All 50 states in order. It’s helped me tremendously in pursuits such as this. 2 min and 30 seconds.

  9. I bet it’d take us longer to get the Canadian provinces, and there aren’t nearly as many of them.

  10. 3 m 27 s. If spelling didn’t count, i would have lost a minute. CT and MA are awful

  11. 2m 39s…took me a while to remember how to spell CT…what’s with the silent ‘c’???

  12. um maybe i watch too much LOST but your time is a part of the valenzetti sequence. does that blow your mind or what?

  13. I got 1:50 if I could type faster I would have gotten a better time. I taught geography and history for a season,plus I like stuff like this. I don’t think the spelling and typing fast as you are timed is fair though.

    Try this test:
    You might be able to sing the jolly states song to get Markos test, but this one you have to find where they go.

  14. 1:52. Had I have been trying to type faster I think I could have shaved a good 10-15 seconds off, but I wasn’t in the mood. Courtesy of my 5th grade class singing “Fifty-Nifty Unites States.” Do this with the capitols–then I’m screwed.

  15. i got hung up on new hampshire and arkansas… have about 45 by 3 minutes, then just couldn’t remember the other few!

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