how many cups of coffee would it take to kill you?

i think i’ve seen this before, a few years ago. but it’s a good one that warrants re-sharing.

this little app, called “death by caffeine“, allows you to choose from hundreds of drinks (not just coffee) and other num-nums, enter your weight, and click “kill me”. the result shows you how many of that item it would take to bring things to an end for you.

with cheery little results like:

333.67 cans of Diet Coke + You = Death.

After 45.50 cups of Starbucks Grande Coffee, you’d be pushing up daisies.

It would take 93.84 cans of Monster to put you down.

8 thoughts on “how many cups of coffee would it take to kill you?”

  1. Read through the site, hilarious. You would have to consume all of this within less than 4 hours (give and take) in order for the body not to be able to handle the amount of caffeine. Then the obvious disclaimer about this is entertainment and not meant to be used for any other purpose. We live in a sad world.

  2. i’m fairly certain that you’d vomit well before you consumed the 94 cans of monster in 4 hours…most normal people (members of my youth group not included) can’t handle TWO in four hours without getting the rumblies.

  3. Apparently more than 11 bananas will kill you. I just googled though and found out that that’s a lie and that poisoning by potassium via banana is unlikely to actually happen. Sad.

  4. I love the fact that Coffee is about 3 times worse than Coca Cola. How is it that coffee has captivated the world?

    As to bananas – Could you imagine eating 11 bananas (yes I could imagine drinking 300 plus cokes) straight anyway – and I like bananas. And, even if you could eat them – what would be the digestive track ramifications…I don’t think it would be the potassium that got you but the food equivalent of pouring cement down your pipes! That just might stop you up for good. What a horrible way to die.

  5. I love the sticker on the coffee mug! They were stuck all over my house when I was little, and I knew that “Mr. Yuck says No” (meaning you aren’t allowed to touch this stuff because it’s dangerous) What a fun random memory!

  6. It’s always good to know that if I took 52.89 Dexatrim tablets, I’d be screwed. This is the kind of stuff that makes the internet a beautiful thing.

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