17 thoughts on “how nerdy are you?”

  1. I could only manage a pathetically-non-nerdy score of 7. Which is quite nice actually. But I need a lot of nerdy people in my life to sort me out when I have nerd-related problems…

  2. I scored 1! The non-nerds should bow to me as their leader.

    Although had their been a question in there about Doctor Who, I might have scored very differently…

  3. ok — i have to say, GimD just completely discredited this test with his score of 1. because, while GimD is an absolutely stellar man, no one who knows him would place him at complete opposite end of the spectrum away from nerdiness.

  4. oh man. should i publicly admit to this? ok. 94. Supreme nerd. (Apply for a professorship at MIT now!)

    nice to know I’m working in the right business!



  5. I scored 62. Frankly, I’m shocked, given the computer-nerdiness of the quiz.

    Must be the Firefox…

    [If that theo-nerd quiz gets developed, I’m on board!)

  6. I wish I would have read the comments before I took the test. I saw 42 and was worried. Never fear, I should have known there were nerdier people reading Marko’s blog than I.

  7. I was surprised that I got a 75. I don’t consider myself a nerd at all. I am with the person who says it must be the firefox. I think it was that and that I do homework on Friday nights. I don’t have a choice. It’s not because I don’t want to. Thanks for the quiz

  8. I’m really sad that I am a wannabe nerd. I really thought I would be less nerdy than marko, given all the gadgety things he has. And I want an iPhone too, but I need to pay my mortgage.

  9. WooHoo! I scored a 96. I was taking the quiz on my iPhone though, which I waited in line for…

    Guess that pretty much gave it away.

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