hurry, this may be your only chance!

seriously! where else could you get a two-headed albino snake? and, i mean it, when have us tw0-headed-albino-snake fans EVER been able to get one for this someone-must-be-crazy price of $150,000!?!?! i’m rushing to put in my bid now, before it’s too late. if you’re smart, you will also. seriously, it’s an investment!

One thought on “hurry, this may be your only chance!”

  1. ok, that is so coolish weird, it intrigues me to no end. i wonder if they both eat or if one just kicks back and is all lazy while the other one does all the catching and eating. and i wonder if they ever fight about which way to go. and if they know they are attached. or if they are like, “why are you always folling me. geez!!!”

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