i don’t quite understand how this works

ran into tony campolo yesterday in a hallway at the convention center. he grabbed me and said, “hey, i wanted to tell you that i felt compelled to pray for you this past weekend.”

i was in the hospital on saturday, with acute pancreatitus.

i love that. i mean, it’s pretty cool that god would nudge anyone’s heart to pray for me in a time of need, let alone tony campolo.

but, why? i mean, it doesn’t seem god needs that prayer. so is it purely to bless us? i mean — in this case, it was a blessing because both tony and i found out. but many time this happens, there’s no “finding out”. if tony and i hadn’t been at this convention together, he wouldn’t have called me to tell me — i wouldn’t have known he was praying for me, and he wouldn’t have known why it was timely.

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  1. I think this might be one of those occasions where it leads me to realise that God often does things with a smile on his face. In the same way that I might leave a bunch on flowers on my friend’s doorstep then loiter around unseen in order to see the look on their face when they pick them up, so I imagine is it with God as he brings events like that to pass. I love it, it reminds me that we’re made in the image of God, that there are things about us, even in our sin and fallenness which perhaps mirror the kindness and fun of God!

  2. All the time God reminds me of people I haven’t thought of in ages and I say a prayer for them. I don’t usually tell them, I just do it. I think it’s a way of being obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit. So maybe it’s just that he was to be obedient to the prompting. But in turn it is a reminder to you to be obedient in praying for others, even when it seems they may not need it.

  3. how cool to have tony campollo lifting you up to god – what an honor!

    i think sometimes we pray so to knit our hearts together. somehow by praying for you and the YS staff i get to be a part of things there in anaheim. i don’t know why, but it bends my heart toward you all. i feel a part of things.

    it’s all the better when we know why, but sometimes i just think it’s about being a community and part of something bigger than ourselves.

    i can remember back over a year ago you did a cat in the hat post about balancing tons of stuff and you had this massive big decision to make. you asked for prayer. i began to pray, a little fish bowl (cat in the hat) drawn on a post-it note was my reminder. each time i saw it i prayed for you, ys and this major decision.

    it turned out that (if i remember correctly) that it was the zondervan/ys merger i was praying for without even knowing about it. somehow my prayers involved me in that, i became part of something WAY bigger than me in my tiny little office off of my kitchen in tiny town, pennsylvania.

    did god need those prayers? did you? i have no idea. but when it all knit together i rejoiced and felt like a part of something amazing.

  4. I was reading Larry Crabb’s book titled, “Soul 2 Soul.” He was talking with Manning reference what we expect to gain with retreats away with God. Manning’s response was an eye-opener for me…”God likes it when I just show up.” When we show up with no hidden motives, no agenda, no routine…just to be WITH Him, I truly believe God blesses this in a way beyond our comprehension. I’m not saying this explains much here, but it sure gives you something to chew on. I’ve been thinking about you all since Thursday. Let’s see, tomorrow is the last day there! Good luck on your message there Marko!

  5. Marko,

    It might be much bigger than that. In reference to Haggard, I was told a story today about a pastor who met a Satanist on a plane. The satanist was praying through lists of High Profile Christians. Praying that their marriages would fall apart. Praying that their ministries would fail, etc. Dude, I don’t say this to scare anybody, but we need to be prayed for. And, you need to be prayed for Marko. I hope YS has a team of people doing that for you on a formal basis.


  6. Why? Because God loves you and wants to bless you in either being prayed for or for praying for someone. Even better God likes to see the smile on your face and the joy in your heart in finding out.
    Nice that Tony Campolo was praying for you, Even nice that God arranged it.


    Chris Saulnier

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