i don’t want to be googled this way

my little sitemeter freeware (very cool stuff, btw), allows me to peek at ‘referrals’ (what URL people come to this blog from). about 3/4 are blocked or unknown, but the rest are quite interesting. it has allowed me to see how many readers come over from the lighthouse trails press release, or — today — from the lovely carla at emergentno, who, because i commented a one-sentence factual clarifier, has posted about me! welcome, emergentno readers! you are welcome here anytime. and, there, carla — blog traffic favor returned!


that’s not the point of this post.

the referrals also allow me to see something quite fun: google (or msn or whatever) searches that lead to this blog. so i can click on the referral link and see, for instance, that someone searched on msn search for “strategic planning bowling” and my blog tops the findings! now, why someone would be searching “strategic planning bowling” is a bit beyond me — as is, frankly, why i ever had those three words in a post.

but i just clicked on one, and saw that someone had searched for “youth pink guitar” — and wouldn’t you guess, my poor burgandy mist strat once again climbs the list. sigh.

12 thoughts on “i don’t want to be googled this way”

  1. Hello Marco, I am a youthpastor in Canada, I enjoy your blog, I have added you on my blog as part of the blogs i Read, i hope this is Ok. If not let me know

  2. These people never cease to amaze me. I just kept scrolling down hoping that it would end, that some tiny light of reason would shine through.

    But no.

    Even more depressing is that she’s obviously intelligent and articulate.

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  4. Marko,

    I love watching my site referalls too. (Actually, I recently saw the click-through from your sitemeter, so I could have guessed you were watching your referalls!)

    One of my favorites for my site is:
    “taoism philosophy selfishness emo”
    Ah, yes, I’m glad my blog meets all their
    taoist philosophical selfish emo needs!

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