i need a vp of finance who loves youth ministry

as part of youth specialties’ re-organization, we’re hiring a new leadership team position: vice president of finance and operations. i’m an intuitive leader without a great business sense, and really need someone to help me!

my dream would be to find a youth ministry volunteer, already familiar with youth specialties, who has the experience and ability to fill a role like this. of course, the job is here in san diego, in our office. and the hire date is roughly may 1, but there’s some flexibility to that.

if you’re interested, click here for the full job description and other info (like, how to proceed). if you know someone who would be a good fit for this role, please point them here!

8 thoughts on “i need a vp of finance who loves youth ministry”

  1. i’m serious. bring him on. after all these years and knowing what he brings to the table, how can you possibly let him go? is there more to the story?

  2. jj (and jaymes) — it’s much more complex than whether or not we want tic here (that would be easy!). this position is completely different than tic’s experience, desire, skills, salary… you name it. how can we let him go? with great difficulty and sadness, but with a desire to see ys have a next chapter (rather than die off).

  3. i dunno man, i’m having a hard time buying this business about tic’s departure. i think there is more to the story. i mean, you just don’t cut a quality guy like Tic loose. With all he’s done, all he knows, his history with the company.

  4. jj — i’m always hesitant to leave anonymous comments up (which your is, since you used a fake email address). but you clearly have some concerns that i’d love the opportunity to talk with you about. would you contact me? ([email protected])

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