i should have learned this lesson by now

i’ve been working with middle schoolers for about 25 years. i’ve learned over-and-over-and-over again to pre-screen every video i ever use. but last night, in our 6th grade guys small group, we were using some video curriculum i trusted (after all, we published it!). the lesson was on humility. the guys were insanely out of control. we’d played a little game about humility, spent some time defining it, then popped in the DVD that was sure to bring a jewel of discussion-fodder about humility. except, half-way through the video, my co-leader and i looked at each other and started laughing: neither of us had ONE OUNCE of a clue what the video had to do with humility. it was a spacey-odd worship-song video of a song called ‘we come in peace’. geez. not our best night in small group!

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