i suppose you can major in just about anything

so, just returning from texas (state motto: we like meat), i laughed to find out that texas a&m university actually offers a program in meat science. that’s right: meat science. clicking through the site, i found a helpful technical paper on “white film on jerky products” (i am not making this up), several professors of carcass composition, and one associate professor of processed meats (he teaches “vienna sausages, 101” — ok, i did make that last part up, the course name).

5 thoughts on “i suppose you can major in just about anything”

  1. i almost did an internship at the slaughter house at UC Davis. I ended up in the horse barn instead helping horses procreate in weird ways we won’t write about. I did how ever manage to take a course called “tractor driving” and I won the race in backing while towing. HA!

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