3 thoughts on “ian’s two newest films”

  1. I don’t know which upset me more – that Carrie got turned into a Zombie, or that she got popped in the back of the head by a gun-toting female postal worker…. I’m very sad now.

  2. Ian’s inspirational film clip was well done and lots of possibilities for using it.

    I didn’t find the Going Postal interesting and a bit odd for something connected to YS. Perhaps my age is showing, but I found it lacking value.

  3. hey jeffrey — i think you might have misunderstood; these aren’t connected to ys. ian just happens to be a ys staffer, and this is his personal project, to try to make 12 short films in 12 genres in 12 months. i don’t speak for ian, but i don’t think “value” was part of his criteria (certainly not “value for a ministry context”).

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