idiot parent of the month award

ok, really? c’mon, mom.

here’s the headline: Woman marks birthday by aiding son in heists

here’s the first sentence of the story:

Police in Wisconsin say a woman celebrated her birthday by helping her teenage son rob two gas stations. Officers in the Milwaukee suburb of Greenfield say the 37-year-old woman acted as the getaway driver while her 17-year-old son robbed the stations at gunpoint.

thank you, lady, for your example. your “idiot parent of the month award” is in the mail, on the way to your jail address. along with it, please find a birthday card and the paperwork revoking your parenting rights.

8 thoughts on “idiot parent of the month award”

  1. You are kidding me. What in the world was she thinking, okay she wasn’t. I just can’t believe that a 37 yr. old would think this was an okay idea let alone help. I am astonished.

  2. I did a book review on the book “In the name of Eugenics” while I was in college. Here is a case for it and how idiot parents shouldn’t be allowed to have children. The book was a pretty interesting read. I had, like 4 days to read it and its over 500 pages, so that was a stretch for me!

  3. (sigh)(long sigh)A son only a mother can love. A son only a mom can rob with.
    You ever notice that floating devices and beach balls or things like thta don’t say use under adult supervision or something like that. Now it’s says use under competent supervision. I wonder why?

  4. That is just insane! Everyone knows that teens make the better get-away driver! Seriously!!! By the way Marko, I remember you posting something a LONG time ago about how you cleansed your body at a retreat (quick change of topic). I really need that info if you have it around somewhere…

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