i’ll have to watch out for this in new zealand

i’m extremely excited about my family heading to new zealand in april for a vacation and this event. but a headline about new zealand caught my eye today, and the first sentence of the article has me concerned about the trip and what my impressionable children will be exposed to. here’s the first sentence of this article:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealanders’ love affair with sheep gained official recognition Friday when the agriculture minister declared Feb. 15 “National Lamb Day.”

2 thoughts on “i’ll have to watch out for this in new zealand”

  1. Mate, the truth is that we love our lambs, and if you want the full authentic experience when you come over here in april… well lets just say that you may also be begining a “love affair with some of our lambs”…
    (is it weird that I feel like a just crossed a dozen lines and did nothing for the reputation country of which I am so proud?)

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