improv everywhere

i posted an embedded video of 100 people freezing in grand central station last weekend. and i’ve just watched this hilarious mall food court musical by the same group, improv everywhere. doesn’t actually seem like improv, since it’s clearly planned and rehearsed. but, dang, it is fun to watch the faces of the unsuspecting watchers, and imagine what it would be like to have been there:

improv everywhere has a whole slew of these fun videos on their section of youtube.

3 thoughts on “improv everywhere”

  1. Marko, you have to post a warning for this video. I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times showing it to people, and I now have the song stuck in my head. Every time someone says the word napkin or lemonade, I burst into song!

  2. There was an article in our paper yesterday about our local branch of improv everywhere. On Saturday,they staged a pillow fight in a park, and on Sunday afternoon, they had a Big Wheels tricycle race in a parking garage from the top floor all the way down the exit ramp. Their stated goal is to “cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Sounds alot like youth ministry to me!

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