interested in the youth ministry coaching program?

with the wonderful launch of the first cohort of my youth ministry coaching program (ymcp) last week, i’m thinking about where this could go. it’s obvious to me (and i think, to the 9 who are in the first cohort), that this is going to be an amazing year of youth ministry discussions, professional & personal growth, and personal wholeness. i’m convinced this approach is unique and unparalleled in its impact. already, the participants are commenting on how life-changing the process is.


i’ve thought about starting a second cohort this fall, somewhere on the eastern half of the united states. this has more complications for me, since there’s flight, hotel and meal costs that i don’t have when i’m hosting the program here in san diego. but i’d love to do it if there’s enough interest.

can you let me know if you’d be interested in considering participation, if i hosted it somewhere like atlanta, or nashville?

here’s the post i wrote about the program, including costs (though i expect this time around to be a few hundred $$ more). i can send you this information in a pdf, if you ask. feel free to comment; but if you’re seriously interested, please shoot me an email.

17 thoughts on “interested in the youth ministry coaching program?”

  1. Man, I’d love to be a part of this if you did the east coast. However, Nashville would be perfect, as its only about 2 hours away from me! It’s also a great location (IMHO). Keep us updated about this, Marko!

  2. if you come anywhere with in 500 miles of South Dakota I’ll drive or fly in for sure! I know this is probably 3-4 cohorts away but keep me posted!

  3. I’d be totally interested in doing it. Tupelo is about four hours for me, but I think I could talk some of our people into letting me do it.

  4. To clarify, Tupelo is about four hours from nashville and a little further from atlanta, so I could do either one.

  5. I’m super interested in this, however I’m starting work on my M.Div in the fall (and I’m in Oregon). Love the idea though! Post if you ever do one in the PacNW.

  6. I think anything that encourages Youth Directors in their first years has got to be worthwhile. As a 10 year veteran youth director, I saw so many young directors struggling to make it work. And that’s why they quit so soon, because it’s hard and it’s disheartening. Anything to lift them up and buoy them along until they reach their stride has got to be valuable. I no longer work for the church, but keep plugging away. They still need you.

  7. I love the idea of bringing it Eastward-I like the suggestions of Atlanta, Nashville, and being a youth worker in the Ann Arbor, MI area, I LOVE the idea of having it in Detroit!

  8. I am possibly interested, I am still somewhat in Youth Ministry Limbo (looking for a position), but hopefully by June I will be settled somewhere.

  9. I would be VERY interested if you come to Nashville. Maybe ATL. I’m an hour from Nashville, so that’s great for me personally. I may even be able to find a church to meet in if we need it. Thanks for all that you continue to do man!

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